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[18.05 - 24.05] Meowsome Planner Spread ♥

A PP Weeks weekly spread with cat images.

The past couple of weeks have been a really exciting one - after a couple of months without a printer since moving out on my own, I finally got it! It's nothing fancy, but it's just so adorable and chonky and I think I'm just wayyy too excited to finally be able to print my stickers again. No more plain, wordy planners!
And with this, it means that I get to restart my sticker shopping spree again 😍 I have a list at the moment.. can't wait to purchase and have them in my planner! For now, I'm just printing my own Miso Art Cafe's stickers - it's nice to be able to test it out and get first-hand experience. So far I've decorated two weekly spread and a monthly view (June) - link for this week's printables below ⤵
Kitty cat printable planner stickers on a planner spread.
Kitty cat printable planner stickers on a planner spread.
Will share the monthly view in an upcoming post. Until then, happy planning!


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