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Black-Owned Planner + Sticker Shops

Black Lives Matter label for a blog post on black-owned planner and sticker shops.
The world is now all standing up together - for a cause that has been mostly unheard, unnoticed and ignored. I may not be a POC, but as a citizen that is not the majority in my country, racism is something that I have seen and experienced first-hand and it is NOT OKAY.
We may not understand and may not share the same oppression, unfairness and a lot more of other things, but we want to let you know that we are supporting your voice. We are listening, learning and educating ourselves. And if you wish to show a form of support (non-POC or POC), I have curated this list of black-owned planner / planner sticker shops that you can purchase from, and support from now on:


Melanin Eclectic
Nay Sharie Designs
Oh So Paper

    I have repeated some of the shops in different categories as I felt it will be easier to browse this way - do let me know if you have any other suggestions! And if you own / know any black-owned shop and would like for it to be in this list, feel free to drop me a message at anna@misoartcafe.com .

    This list of shops is collected via Facebook groups and Instagram mutuals - you may share it to your family & friends.



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