1. How do I access my downloads after purchasing?
    A download link will be generated immediately once you completed the ordering process. A copy of the download links will also be sent to your registered email.

  2. Is there a list / page where I can view my past printables order?
    Shopify at the moment do not support this feature. If you would like to access your past purchase & do not have the email copy, feel free to contact me at anna@misoartcafe.com .

  3. Why are some of the printables file different from one another?
    These printables are made from 2019-current. Improvements and changes to the arrangement have been made over the years. I do plan to update the older printables to the latest format once I have the time :-)

  4. Are your printables Cricut / Silhouette-friendly?
    Yes, all printables have files specifically to ease the usage of Cricut & Silhouette machine. If you require any guidance or assistance, feel free to contact me at anna@misoartcafe.com .

  5. I would like to make some custom changes to the printables I purchased. Is that possible?
    At the moment, I do not accept any custom requests beyond what is listed in the shop. This may change in the future.

Physical Sticker Sheets

  1. Why are transparent options all sold out?
    Currently, the transparent sticker papers I have are not waterproof. To prevent smudging during the process of delivery, this option has been removed until further notice.

  2. On which days will my orders be posted out?
    Your orders will be posted out every Wednesday & Saturday (before 6:00am EST)

  3. What are the cut off time for the orders before delivery?
    - For Wednesday delivery (by Tuesday, 6:00am EST)
    - For Saturday delivery (by Friday, 6:00am EST)

  4. Does the delivery includes tracking?
    Yes, all deliveries will include tracking number. It will effectively track from Malaysia to your country. Further tracking within your country until doorstep will depend on whether your local postal office supports it.

  5. How long will the delivery take to arrive at my doorstep?
    A test delivery was made to Australia (5,000 km / 3.1k miles) and the delivery took 2.5 weeks to arrive.
    For comparison, distance between Malaysia to United States is 14,000 km / 8.7k miles.
    Urgent orders are not recommended as it is estimated for the delivery to take about 2.5 weeks to 2 months.

  6. Which countries are not supported for international deliveries?
    At the moment, these countries are not supported by Malaysian post:
    Afghanistan, Israel, North Korea, Russian Federation, Somalia, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Timor Leste, Ukraine and Yemen